J. Hood & Associates | School Choice: The Black Choice
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  • We believe education is the path to a bright future for all Americans
  • We advocate for those unable to navigate the educational landscape that impacts the lives of their children
  • We train and equip families to overcome challenges and barriers that disrupt the educational experience
  • We champion equal access to resources and information across all social demographics


  • Dynamic team of educators committed to helping families from varied communities, from cities to rural America
  • Every person is valued in the discussion on closing the achievement gap
  • Whichever type of education a parent and child chooses, it must be high quality and based on the student’s needs and ability

Jacquie Hood Martin, PhD

  • Cambridge Who’s Who Education Professional of the Year 3 years in a row
  • Dean and College Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs in the City Colleges of Chicago

Whether enrolling in preschool or graduating with a PhD, J. Hood & Associates works to facilitate each family’s desired outcome

Our team is comprised of experts in the following areas:

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Ethics and Compliance
  • Urban Education
  • Diversity and Education
  • Project Management
  • Education Police
  • Community Engagement
  • Educational Administration

Jacquie Hood Martin, PhD
Project Manager


Institutional Research

Brittanye Calhoun
Project Manager


Project Advisor

Policy & Curriculum


Academic Advancement


J. Hood & Associates is partnering with UWG, the longest-standing multicultural advertising agency
in the U.S.

A full-service agency, UWG will provide the marketing, branding and community relations execution for the

#SchoolChoiceTheBlackChoice campaign.

The agency’s unique approach to understanding cultural identity enables it to see how and what impacts people’s interaction with products, services, brands and causes — to create marketing programs that deliver solid business results. Past community-based campaigns include:

  • CVS Pharmacy – “Project Health” 10 City Tour
  • Phi Beta Sigma – “Anti-Hazing” Campaign
  • The Home Depot – “Retool Your School” HBCU Campus Improvement Grant Program


Education reform aims to enhance the existing system of public education rather than revolutionizing, supplanting or competing with it.

In the US, education reform supports and encourages public education as the primary source of K–12 education for American youth. The reality is children PK2-12 need specific engagement at the various stages of their ability to receive, recite, and repeat patterns that are building blocks to having the ‘capacity to learn’.

The purpose: Make public education more effective with

  • higher standards
  • higher achievement
  • higher focus on students’ individual needs and ability

America’s black children have been marginalized and aren’t receiving the same quality of education as their peers. This widening gap puts out of reach the life-transforming opportunities for children that build and strengthen a thriving middle class.

As the population of children of color increases under this inequality, the decline of a productive and vital society is certain.

Our children deserve empowered parents with the ability to choose the best type of education for their children’s needs.

“Enabling parents to choose the school that best fits their children’s needs is not just a noble goal, but an undeniable civil right.”

— Rev. H. K. Matthews

The Voice

Award-winning journalist Roland Martin is extremely passionate about education.

  • Board member of the education reform group StudentsFirst
  • Advocate for school choice on radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, and online
  • Social media influence over 600k viewership across platforms
  • Roland is the standout voice for social and political interests of African-Americans

Martin is the ambassador who’ll lead a grassroots effort to help parents in multicultural communities be better informed about public education. He is re-energizing a civil rights movement to change the outcomes of black students in public schools.

The campaign, School Choice: The Black Choice, enables parents to take control of their children’s future.

Many haved vowed to reform the system, but most affected parents are still sidelined as their children continue to be helpless victims.