J. Hood & Associates | Jacquie Hood Martin
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Jacquie Hood Martin

Named three consecutive years as Cambridge Who’s Who Education Professional of the Year, Hood Martin has served in higher education as a Dean and College Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs in the one of the toughest communities in the United States in the City Colleges of Chicago education system. During her busiest time as a professional, and working on her Doctorate, she and her husband paused to raise her sister-in-laws 6 young children two of whom had fallen below academic grade level. Hood Martin has lead efforts as an early childhood specialist of children ages 2-5 years old citing “that the formative years of a child’s existence is the most impressionable period of life where they learn critical skills for future success.” In her community efforts, she has led educational progress in Black Start Parent’s University, on helping parents help their children in education, social and emotional engagement, and advocacy. 

Holding degrees in management, education, and religion, Hood Martin’s well-rounded approach to leadership, communication, and engagement afford her the ability to resonate with all audiences and education levels.