J. Hood & Associates | Advocacy
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To serve as an advocate for those unable to navigate their way through information and decisions that could profoundly impact the academic course of their children’s lives. As communities are deteriorating, families are faced with sudden decision-making that is often under pressure and duress. We work at the ground level to help families work through the maze.

Children & Youth

Creating education and relevant programs that engage children and families so they have the opportunity to grow, improve communication skills, and make informed decisions. Developing HEARTS of CHAMPIONS through leadership, team building, culinary, art, music, diversity training, athletics, and other avenues to build self-confidence, self-esteem, and restore self-worth. Our College Success Readiness and Intervention program helps children from the preschool level develop skills that will be used at the college level. Additionally, we assist students and parents with closing learning gaps that may hinder their chances of graduating from PreK2- 12th grade, and later admission to and, completion of college.


Leaving no stone unturned, J. Hood & Associates helps to facilitate a well-round platform for stimulating dialogue can bring about positive change. Working with local schools, building academic partnerships, supporting community involvement and civic engagement, students are trained to excel in whatever environment they may be required to prove their aptitude.