J. Hood & Associates | About Us
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Established in 1990, J. Hood & Associates started as a small group of educators helping families in a myriad of communities, from metropolitan cities to rural America, establish dialogues to bridge the academic divide. Every person is valued in the discussion on closing the achievement gap. No matter the form in which a parent and child chooses to be educated, we believe it needs to be high quality and driven based on the needs of the student.

As a former College Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs, Dean of Career Programs, and Associate Dean of Instruction, Hood Martin understands the roll of readiness in preparing students to excel academically. The staff, interns, and volunteers support the right and role of parents to decide what is the best academic platform for their children. Whether enrolling in preschool or graduating with a PhD, the organization works to facilitate where possible, the families desired outcome.

Outcomes are key to the success of our strategic model for student and parent engagement. We like to identify the who, what, when, where, why and how of measurable outcomes. A model that is proven to render success. Our methodology gauges the results of intervention at key stages in a child’s natural learning pattern.

Diversity of thought, word, and deed are what make us strong. Without the input of everyone who is offered a seat at the discussion table, we are unable to fulfill our mission of helping families find the appropriate path to meet their child’s academic needs.

  • What we measure – Students ability to take instruction from parents and others.
  • How we measure – Students desire to become self-directed and seek outcomes that are above their usual level.
  • Why we measure – To facilitate students ability to recognize they have the capacity to learn.
  • When do we measure – Ongoing measurement keeps the student engaged in the learning process as they experience success with each new task.

Your interest and involvement only makes us stronger in our quest to educate. every. child.